self care, self compassion, yoga, body positive, coach, wellness, health, body image, stress, self criticism
self care, yoga, wellness, body image, body positive, health at every size, self compassion

I'm Emily, and I teach self care.


I'm passionate about helping you:


...befriend your body and ditch dieting.


...learn self compassion and soften your inner critic.


...create lasting self care habits that bring you joy!


...practice yoga that improves your entire day.


...navigate and honor your sensitivity.



These foundations of self care will help you let go of harmful habits that you continue on reflex. They'll relieve physical and emotional fatigue and burnout. They also allow joy and peace and resilience back into your life. It's powerful stuff!

My goal is to help my clients learn how to tap into their own inner wisdom and guidance over the long haul. In our work together, I help them develop new skills, build confidence, dig into the big questions, and take meaningful action. I'm a trainer, a supportive ear, and an accountability partner all in one.


At the root of all of this work is self compassion. With self compassion we are so unwaveringly loyal to ourselves that we feel safe enough to face inner struggle, courageous enough to stretch out of our comfort zone, and so committed to living our potential that we pursue growth.


A client once described coaching with me like this: "What I liked best about our work together was it was fun! I guess I expected it to feel more like work. Emily models intention, humor, self care, and self compassion so well. She asks the right questions and then provides completely non-judgmental encouragement to get you where you want to be."


I know stress may feel inescapable right now, but I assure you: Self care will change that.


It used to feel like there would always be one more hurdle to clear before I could let go of worry, love my body, and put happiness on the radar. I was unfulfilled, sleep deprived, and deeply self critical, but it never seemed like I had enough time or energy to make changes.


It wasn't until I began to prioritize my self care that I realized: 


Self care isn't a luxury. We NEED it to reach our full potential! 


I didn't make lifestyle changes alone. Getting support was 100% essential to replacing long-ingrained habits with meaningful practices that had been waiting for me all along.


Sometimes you just need help and permission to put yourself first. That's why I've made it my mission to help other women prioritize self care, too. 


I'm dedicated to helping you discover and commit to LASTING self care, so you feel your happiest and healthiest. 


There's no one-size-fits-all. Self care and yoga should be tailored to your life, needs, and wishes. 


I'm a size-inclusive coach and yoga teacher, so we'll nurture the many dimensions of your life, instead of focusing on your weight and appearance. Your time on the yoga mat will be tailored to what your body needs in the moment.


I'm a certified health coach through UNC Greensboro and master's level health educator through UNC Chapel Hill. I'm also a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, so mindfulness, breath, and self compassion are integrated into everything I do. 


My work has been featured on Thrive Global, Audible Yoga, Life Coach Hub, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Grow Well, Sensual Appeal, The Liberation Telesummit, and DoYouYoga. 


I am on my way to Berlin, Germany with my partner, Mark, and our two cats, Legs and Mr. Eko. I love yoga in the sunshine and journaling in coffee shops. On a rainy day you'll find me baking with my music turned up really loud, or reading a funny memoir with a cup of tea. 


Now, enough about me. I'd love to hear about you!