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Design a Self Care Plan You Love {in 15 minutes} is an easy-to-use, online guide for self care planning. It includes a printable, action-planning worksheet, to help you quickly laser focus on what fits and energizes you. Self care isn't one-size-fits-all. This guide will help you create rituals and "mini-retreats" that you love.

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self care, yoga, wellness, body image, self compassion

Hi there, I’m Emily Burrows, and I’m a Self Care Coach and Yoga Teacher. I coach people to let go of stress and self criticism, and say “YES!” to self care and self compassion.


The work week used to feel miserable. When I got home I wanted nothing more than to microwave dinner and watch TV on the couch until bedtime. I struggled with chronic insomnia and migraines, and by Sunday afternoon I always dreaded the upcoming week.


Finally I got fed up with living life like an endless dress rehearsal, and hatched a little self care plan to take baby steps toward a life I could love every day. As it unfolded week by week, those small steps got much bigger. Over time, with plenty of loving support, my self care commitment transformed how I felt about my entire life: mind, body, and spirit. 

Combining my years of self care practice with my master's degree and certification in wellness coaching led me to a job I love. Now I coach wonderful people of all sizes to set, reach, and sustain wellness and self care goals that make them excited to get out of bed in the morning, too. 


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self care, wellness coach, yoga, busy

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