The November 2018 retreat is now full! I hope you'll join us next year. In the meantime, learn more about local group classes and one-on-one self care and yoga support.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Trust and embrace your body, just as you are.


Do you wonder what it would be like to feel more at home and comfortable in your own skin? If judging yourself has gotten in the way of practicing yoga, trying new things, or enjoying other parts of life, this welcoming retreat is for you. If you are your body's biggest critic and want to start to see it as your friend and ally, please join us!


We'll dedicate the day to feeling at peace with your body and yourself through yoga and self care.


Reconnect with your body through beginner-friendly, body positive yoga. You'll have the support and freedom to move at your pace, and explore poses based on how they feel, not how they look.


Learn how to use journaling to calm your inner critic down and bring forward compassion for your body.


Practice eating mindfully with all of your senses, so tea, lunch, and dessert taste extra delicious.


Relax into a deep rest practice to thank your body for all that it does.


We'll balance optional guided practices and unstructured time to walk the labyrinth, relax in the lodge, or wander in nature and explore New Hope Camp. 


If the weather is nice, we'll take some of our practices outside.


Space is limited. Lunch will be provided. Yoga beginners are welcome!



Sunday, November 4, 2018


New Hope Camp & Conference Center
1955 Camp Circle, Chapel Hill, NC 

$115 until October 4 / $130 after

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Yoga mat. Some extras will be available.

Water bottle.





I'm Emily Burrows and I'm a self care coach and yoga teacher. I'm passionate about helping big-hearted people practice self and body kindness. Learn more about me here.




A vegetarian lunch and tea will be provided. If you have special food needs or allergies, please let me know at least 14 days before the retreat, so I can be sure to accommodate your needs.




No yoga experience is needed, but if you'd like to let me know about injuries or other concerns, please email me at I'm here to help you be safe and supported.




I’m an introvert and I can get tired in group situations. What should I expect?

This retreat is designed to be empowering, reflective, and relaxing. There are no icebreakers or trust falls to fear! The group size for this retreat is limited and there are a couple of hours built into the afternoon to “choose your own adventure.” Some participants during past day retreats have taken that time to be alone or simply quieter in nature or the cabin, which can be a nice way to restore your introvert energy.


What if I'm new to yoga?

Even if you're brand new to yoga, you'll be able to follow the gentle, body positive yoga practice. The emphasis will be on self compassion and letting go of judgment. We'll also have some space to forget about the poses and just move and stretch in ways that feel good to you in the moment. It's all about trusting and being kind to yourself, and you don't need any yoga experience for that!


How much will we be outside?

New Hope Camp is beautiful, so if it’s nice weather, we’ll take some of our practices outside, plus any of your free time you choose to spend outdoors. 


Why body peace? Why not body love?

When you’ve wished your body was different for a long time, loving your body is a pretty big ask. It can feel like way too much pressure! What I’ve found in my personal body image work and with my clients’ journeys is that you don’t have to leap all the way from resenting your body to loving it to start taking really good care of yourself. Learning to accept and trust your body just as it is can be life-changing in itself! That’s what body peace is about. 




Is there someone in your life who could use more body peace and self care? Please make a note when you complete your order so I can email you a gift certificate under their name! 




You will receive a $60 refund if you cancel at least 14 days before the day of the retreat.

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Reviews of previous day retreats


 "Thank you for today. I wish that I could do the retreat every weekend. My body, mind and spirit all needed this retreat. The food, the people, the organization of the day, the journaling and art and gentle yoga practice, all of it was delightful.


I showed up feeling overwhelmed by work, physically and emotionally drained, and ready to receive. I left feeling peace and rejuvenation. Exactly what I prayed for that morning. I will definitely be coming again. Thank you thank you thank you.” - Jruss, Durham




"After the retreat, I felt happy. I didn't want it to end! The best part of the retreat was Emily's calming voice and fun personality. The retreat helped me calm and improve physically and made me so introspective about this stage in my life. I'm moving toward a happier, more fulfilled life. I wish I lived closer so I could have more of these experiences!" - Holly, Decatur

emily burrows, self care, yoga, retreat
self care, yoga, retreat, emily burrows

"I have had the pleasure of attending Emily's last two fall Day Self Care Retreats and when I found out she was offering a Spring Retreat I literally squealed in yoga class at the announcement.  The insight I gained from being able to reflect on my journal entries a year later was empowering.  In my busy life, these retreats help my sea stay calm and clear even if there is a storm at the surface. 


I am beyond grateful to have a day of reflection and self care this Spring surrounded by the beautiful scenery.  These retreats offer me a way of creating balance and clarity in my life."

- Trevia, Hillsborough  ​​​​​

“It.was.everything. During and after the retreat I felt relaxed, connected, and creatively open. This was my first yoga retreat and it was such a fulfilling day of self-care. Thank you so much!” - Ericka, Mebane


“During the retreat I felt relaxed, nurtured. After the retreat I felt much more comfortable in my skin, validated. I loved all of it and thought it was well balanced. I wish that I could go to more of these retreats!!! I appreciate Emily’s compassion and thoughtfulness, expertise and willingness to teach and share. It is powerful.”

- Caroline, Durham


"Not only was the retreat itself a pleasure, but it left me with an enduring sense of calm and a cadre of ideas for cultivating and nurturing quiet, introspective, and restorative moments throughout any day." - Beth, Chapel Hill


"After the retreat, I definitely felt a lot more calm. I really love your style of total acceptance, letting everyone do what feels right for them. I never feel self conscious in your classes, and for me that's huge :)"  - Chris, Chapel Hill


“During the retreat I felt relaxed. Peaceful. At ease. After the retreat I felt renewed.

The best part about the retreat was guided yoga, peaceful atmosphere, thought-provoking journaling prompts. I learned a lot about myself and my thoughts while eating mindfully and slowly and not talking during lunch. I've found that this is a practice that works really well for me and I hope to bring this mindful, slow, quiet eating into practice in my everyday life.” - Jennie, Chapel Hill


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