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This desk yoga pose is a twist. Twists are some of my favorite poses because they open the back and the chest, and can give you an energy kick. When you move into a twist, you press old blood out of your organs and as you unwind, fresh blood moves back in and re-oxygenates those organs.

This pose can help improve your posture and maybe even your ability to stay focused while working on that brutal annual report. Or at the very least give you a chance to chat with your coworker in the cubicle behind you.

How to practice an office chair twist:

Sit tall in your chair, with the crown of your head reaching for the ceiling. Make sure both of your hips are rooted into your chair, and keep this awareness throughout the whole twist. Inhale, shrugging your shoulders up to your ears, then exhale, rolling them down and back.

On an exhale, slowly begin to rotate your belly to the left. Let your chest, shoulders, and finally your head follow. Do this gently, without straining. Reach your left hand to the left arm of the chair. Your right hand can either join it, or rest on your knee.

Hang out here for 5 breaths before gently unwinding to center. Take a moment to sense the two sides of your body before moving to the right.


Sometimes our tendency is to let the twist happen in the upper back and neck, but it’ll be more beneficial for your entire spine to let the rotation start at your waist. If you feel any pinching you’ve gone a bit too far. Come out of the pose a little so you can enjoy it more mindfully.

Questions or requests? Share 'em in the comments! If you're in NC and want more desk yoga support, Wellness for Desk Jockeys will be back in June.

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