What's your daily 10?

I'm super excited about the upcoming 10-Min-A-Day challenge over at Grow Well! The challenge is to commit to a daily 10-minute practice of anything that speaks to you, from meditating to dancing to calling home. Even little daily practices can have a big impact on your wellbeing, and keeping up with them for a whole month? That's a huge confidence boost! Joining the Grow Well community is free right now, and the social support will help you power through the challenging days and stay accountable, not to mention perks like tracking progress toward your goals, community forums, and wellness "to do" lists that you can check off. The month-long challenge launches on May 22 so there's still time to ponder, but right now I'm leaning toward journaling with reckless abandon (stream of consciousness--no editing!!). What will your daily 10 be?

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