How to make flossing your teeth way less of a hassle

I have a strict dental care routine just to keep from handing over the entire contents of my checking account to my dentist, since my teeth are infuriatingly prone to cavities. A couple of years ago, after a particularly traumatizing visit to the dentist, I started flossing my teeth multiple times a day. I've had less trouble with tooth sensitivity and fewer cavities, although I do still get them (blasted genes).

Flossing was kind of a pain until I came across a lifehack using a small loop of dental floss instead of the usual winding-around-your-fingers technique, and once I got used to it, it really cut back on time and annoyance. Since I can't find the original post, I thought I'd share the trick with you here.

Instead of winding a huge length of dental floss around your fingers, I use about 6 inches. Bring the ends of the floss together and knot them, as shown in the picture above. If you're using waxed floss, knot it twice at the same spot, so the knot doesn't come undone. Then floss as you normally would, keeping the floss taut between your index fingers and thumbs, gently flossing up and down, then rotating the circle when you move to the next tooth.

No more purple finger tips, no slipping, and since you use less floss, you won't have to buy it as often. Here's to not having to lie to your dentist about regular flossing!

What other tricks do you use to make your dental care routine less of a drag?

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