A simple walking meditation

Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year. The leaves are vibrant, the angle of afternoon light is lovely, and for reasons I can’t entirely explain, I love the state fair.

This also happens to be the season where I start to feel like a cool weather wimp. I know some of you guys have already gotten snow and it hasn’t gotten quite that cold yet in Chapel Hill, NC, but I’ve definitely already dug out my fuzzy socks and heating pack!

My outdoor yoga practice is transitioning to something a little different for the cooler weather, too. Instead of sitting in meditation or practicing barefoot on the porch (which I loooove), I've been throwing on some shoes and practicing walking in meditation along our long driveway.

If you’re new to walking meditation here’s a simple way to get started:

Stand quietly with your knees slightly bent. Slow your breath and soften your gaze.

On an inhale slowly peel your right foot off of the ground, heel first.

As you exhale, step slightly forward as you place your right foot down, heel first.

On your next breath in, repeat this slow, gentle stepping on the left foot.

Continue walking intentionally, with your movement and your breath synced together. If external sensations or thoughts come to mind, give them a mental nod. Then come back to your breath and the experience of mindful movement.

When you’re done, pause again with your knees slightly bent, close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths. Notice how it feels to be connected with the earth through two deeply rooted feet, and connected with the sky through the crown of your head. Breathe from your heels to your scalp.

Welcome back to the here and now!

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