Yoga for beginners (and returners), starting on New Year's Day

In September my friends and I at Grow Well ran our first session of Yoga Basics, an online, body positive yoga program. It's all about finding ease and kindness for your body and mind!

Yoga Basics is chockfull of video classes (4 hours' worth to practice at your pace), audio lessons, online community, and inspiring challenges. I'm on the forums throughout to answer qustions and cheer you on!

Here's what our first round of awesome Yoga Basics students had to say:

"The best thing about Yoga Basics is...the constant reminder of how we can be ourselves, no matter what, and do yoga, no matter what. And be perfect as we are, no matter what." - J

"I honestly never thought I'd like yoga until I let it be about being comfortable in my body. You were a big part of helping me get there, so thank you!" - M

"I did not know yoga was something to be done with such self-compassion and with a smile! It is at once inspiring and comforting to know I can now return to these poses, challenges and my own breath any time I want. Thank you.” - B

It was SO much fun, so we're doing it again! This time, it's a monthlong program that starts (gently) on New Year's Day.

I'd love to see you there, so save 15% off the $69 price of Yoga Basics when you use the promotion code STARTINGNOW.

Learn more and sign up now at Grow Well.

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