Body kindness meditation

For those with eating and body image issues, the holidays are a particularly rough time of year. Food shaming and body policing seem to escalate in our social circles, surfacing anywhere from casual conversations with coworkers in the break room, to reunions with extended family who have good intentions but terrible manners.

Even friends' comments about their own bodies can leave us feeling vulnerable and emotionally drained.

If you're looking for some great responses to people who make unwanted body comments, Anna Guest-Jelley over at wrote about this beautifully last year. Those replies are body positivity in action, and believe me, they work!

Another way to nurture your relationship with your body is with this simple body kindness practice. While you can absolutely do this practice sitting up, I recommend lying down, particularly if you're using unkind language with your belly today.

Body kindness meditation

The Practice

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Lie down on your back, bend your knees, and bring your feet flat on the floor.

Take a few slow breaths in and out.

Let your eyes drift shut and allow your back to become heavier.

Then bring your hands to your belly. If that triggers critical thoughts, just let your arms lie by your sides.

Invite your breath to expand all the way into your belly.

With each breath into your belly, repeat the word "Love".

Continue to chant "Love" with each slow breath for a couple of minutes.

Then bring the mantra "Thank you" to each breath.

Stay for as long as you like and practice as often as you can.

Remember, your body is already a wonderful, powerful vehicle. Nothing needs to change for it to be deserving of your kindness.

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