What's your WHY?

Most of us have firsthand experience with how hard changing our lifestyle can be. We get pumped up about New Year’s resolutions, only to get frustrated with ourselves a couple weeks later if we drop them.

“Forget it! I don’t have enough time to meditate.”

“It’s just too hard to quit smoking.”

We feel like failures when we don’t have the drive to make a new behavior stick. But we aren’t failures at all! We just lean too much on something that fails: willpower.

Willpower isn’t enough to change behavior, plain and simple.

This fall I wrote about 4 powerful factors that helped me make one of the biggest changes in my life: training to teach yoga. Read that post here, and you’ll see that willpower was excluded. Sure, willpower helped me on the path to teaching, but it never would have been enough alone to cut through all of the resistance between me, time on the mat, and realizing my dream.

I needed something more than force. I needed purpose.

From the very start, what motivated me to tailor my life to support my training to become a yoga teacher was the meaning behind it. I wasn't just doing teacher training for the fun of it.

Why did I want to teach? I wanted to teach so I could help people heal their relationships with their bodies and authentic selves!

That sense of purpose drove my commitment to teaching, and the commitment to living that purpose gave me the energy to tailor my lifestyle to support my yoga training.

This can be applied to any behavior change. So you want to start walking more. So what? How will walking transform your life? Or as I like to put it, “What is your WHY?”

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Ultimately, the habits that hold meaning outlast our "why-less" behaviors.

This is bigger than a New Year's resolution or goal-setting. It's about approaching life with intention and vision.

It's letting the purpose and process of change feed you, rather than letting your satisfaction and sense of success hinge on an outcome you may or may not wrap your arms around anytime soon.

That's why I help people explore what gives them purpose early on. Understanding what moves you is THE step that kickstarts the journey to the life you want to lead, and keeps you inspired to keep moving forward.

What's the inspiration behind the changes you're craving for 2015? What's your WHY?

Tell us in the comments!

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