Let's practice yoga together this summer

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As much as I enjoy teaching them, I know that group yoga classes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes you just want to spend time on your yoga mat on your own terms, away from a crowd.

For those times, here’s a beginner-friendly yoga practice you can do in your living room. All you need is a mat and either a blanket or towel.

If yoga away from a studio or gym feels like loving self care, here are 3 more ways we can practice together and even get to know each other a little better this summer:

Private Yoga (in-person or online): This summer I’m opening up a few more spots for private and semi-private students. Our lessons together are empowering, fun, and all about what you want. Learn more and apply!

Yoga and Mindfulness for Sleep (Chapel Hill): Join me Sunday, June 28 from 5-6:40pm for this cozy workshop. Pajamas welcome. Save your spot.

Yoga Basics (online): This self-paced introduction to yoga is complete with videos, audio readings, challenges, and questions answered. Sign up.

I’d love to hear from you: what’s your favorite thing about practicing yoga outside of a traditional group class?

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