Something beautiful happened today

It wasn’t monumental or dramatic, but something beautiful happened today. While I was teaching, a storm rolled in, and we began our meditation to the sound of pouring rain and thunder. We then closed our eyes as we flowed with our breath between cat and cow pose and focused on absorbing the loveliness of the sounds. It was the best kind of music.

I may not remember that moment next month, but it was beautiful today.

Something beautiful happened for you today, too.

It may have simply been a tender moment with a friend, coming home from work to a cup of tea, or enjoying a really nice sandwich.

You may have felt your own beauty as you connected with someone who needed support or as you looked at your own reflection in the mirror without judgment.

You may have even seen the beauty in bearing witness to something painful, with empathy and presence.

There is at least one moment to be savored every single day. There are usually many many more, but they aren’t always obvious. In fact, we often cruise right by them in our busy-ness and thinking about the future and ruminating on the past. But let's not miss out on the loveliness unfolding right now. Catch it. See it. Acknowledge it. Fully marinate in it. So as often as you remember it today, breathe out and relax and get quiet for a moment. Then ask yourself, "What is the beauty here?"

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