There's time for bravery and your bucket list

Here’s the thing about 2015. Despite appearances, there’s still time to bring a little of this year’s bucket list to life! OK, so maybe there isn’t time to hang glide over Switzerland, holding hands with Beyonce, before the clock strikes midnight. But if that’s your kind of daydream, you’ve still got a chance to get at the core of that feeling you’re chasing. So, what is it? Are you looking for adventure? Purpose? Gratitude? Excitement? You can absolutely grab a little taste of that today. Today, let’s make the most of 2015. Do something brave! It doesn’t have to be giant. It could be strolling downtown in a bold dress or bringing back the side ponytail. It could be signing up for an improv class. It could be letting yourself get caught dancing in your car at a traffic light.

Or maybe it’s asking your sister to come by and help you clean the house, so it’s more fun and less of a hassle. Maybe it’s finally telling her how much you care. It could be reading your poetry outloud or sharing a recording of that blues song you’ve been working on. Maybe it’s pulling to the side of the road to give someone who seems to be having a hard day a hand. There’s something doable that can bring you closer to the feeling you’ve been craving this year. Get creative with your act of courage! You may be surprised to find that it doesn’t take much time, energy, or money to take a leap. Whatever form it takes, I hope that you close 2015 with a little celebration of your bravery this year. The ways you reached out, took risks, and leaned out of your comfort zone may not have always felt ceremonious. Sometimes they were messy or downright ugly. Sometimes they were a rush of excitement and pride. Sometimes they were a tangle of emotions that you've yet to fully process. But you were brave this year, and your 2016 will be richer for it. Happy New Year! Let's keep being brave together.

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