Some days it's too hard to love your body

I want to share a loving reminder with you that's been on my mind:

You haven’t failed at self care, body positivity, or anything else, if your relationship with your body is on the rocks at the moment. There are just some days when loving your body is too tall an order. Sometimes you’re in deep physical pain or you’re thoroughly exhausted. Or your inner critic may be on a bender, shaking her fists and shouting judgments that are so high-pitched you can’t hear over them. Or you’re tired of constantly armoring yourself against thinly-veiled body judgment from friends, your mom, Oprah, or internet trolls. Or maybe your mental state is just insisting that your body hasn’t earned your love today. If trying to love your body isn’t in the cards right now, ok. Let’s put love aside for the moment. Let’s talk about peace instead. I don’t necessarily mean harmonious peace, either. Just a temporary cease-fire. On days when it’s hard to like your body, it tends to also be hard to take care of it. During those times, you might cut back on potential emotional and physical harm by focusing a tiny amount of attention on body diplomacy. What if, for just a little while, you could call a truce? It doesn’t even have to be all day. It could be a 2-minute truce! Just one gentle action that interrupts the anger and resentment. Just one thing that communicates to your body, “I know we aren’t friends today, but we also aren’t mortal enemies.” For me, body diplomacy can mean a slow-moving, brief yoga practice. Other times it’s a commitment to eat one meal that tastes good and I know tends to make me feel good, too. Sometimes it’s doing what reminds me I’m more than my physical form, like writing, calling a friend who always makes me laugh, or playing music that moves me. Any relationship has times of conflict, and taking a breath and a little space can help. When you’re too tired to love your body, you might let yourself off the hook for a day. You can fight the good fight tomorrow. For today, just a few minutes of peace.

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