The energy drain of body hate

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We miss out a lot when we're preoccupied with hating our bodies. I'm not only talking about the pictures we duck out of, the pools we don't swim, and the adventures we don't take. I also mean the day-to-day energy drain of tearing down our bodies, our physical homes, that makes it really hard to care for ourselves (and others). You can't always control your environment or how others will feel about you. You can, however, reclaim your well-being on your terms and learn to become your body's most loyal advocate. Here's a short video about why a peace treaty with your body is a BIG deal:

Our stories are more textured and vibrant than the sum of our body hang-ups! You are too interesting and valuable to be hidden underneath shame. Here's a question to ponder (or write about) today: How would your life be different if you had a friendlier relationship with your current body? What hidden layers of yourself could rise to the surface? What leaps of courage would you finally take? What would you be super relieved to let go of?

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