A different, more body positive kind of detox

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you a few of my favorite body image action steps! They’re a taste of what we’ll work on in the Body Peace series at Carrboro Yoga in August, and the tip of the iceberg of what my body image journeying clients celebrate in coaching.

There’s so much body judgment we consume every day, that we’d probably need to hole up in an power-free cabin in the woods to escape all of it! Since that’s not realistic, and you’d never finish Orange Is the New Black, let’s narrow it down. Let’s talk social media.

Some of the body shame we see on social media is overt, like insults from internet trolls. Some of it’s more subtle and (maybe) unintentional, like posts that seem to be about heart health but are really promoting the next fad diet.

When we see a lot of these posts scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, we absorb a disturbing amount of reinforcement that only certain bodies are ok.

The more time we spend with body shaming media, the worse we feel about our own bodies.

With summer upon us in the US, it seems like everywhere you turn, someone is talking about toning this or detoxing that. For my own self care, I do a different kind of detox. It doesn’t require expensive tea or an elimination diet!

The body image action step today, if you choose to accept it, is this:

Detox body shame out of one social media feed you use a lot.

Filter out messages that make you feel your body isn’t good enough. Hide ads, change notification settings, unlike pages, hide posts, unfollow people, directly address the person posting it or just head for the hills. You choose what you want to see on social media.

If a post capitalizes on making people feel lazy or not good enough, it’s ok to hide it.

If it tries to stealthily package dieting as body positivity or health, you can comment and/or unfollow.

If an ad condescends their weight loss product is smarter than your ability to sense what’s best for your body, it can go.

You don’t have to consume media that makes you feel unkind toward your body.

You don’t have to consume media that makes you feel critical of other people’s bodies, either. Those two are VERY closely entwined, by the way, and a topic for another day!

Don’t worry if you can’t get rid of all of the negativity today. Do a little bit here and there, and with time, you’ll find MUCH less shame coming in.

Rest assured, that much like your kidneys can detox your blood without the help of $14 trademarked juice, your fingers are well-equipped to detox your social media feed!

Enjoy your happier, healthier online time, and please send me a note to tell me how it feels. I’m cheering you on!

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