What's one word to describe your body?

Quick: describe your body in one word! Don’t think too hard, just spit it out. Now that it’s out in the open, how do you feel about how you described your body? Does it feel like a celebration of what it can do? A criticism of how it looks? Neutral? I’ve asked this question on Facebook more than once, and the public comments are mostly positive words. But later, in private, I hear words of struggle and resignation. If that’s the case for you, know that you aren’t alone. Not even a little bit. The path to peace with your body can be winding and rocky at times. Sometimes it looks like a dead end. It’s ok to struggle.

If you’re stuck in the mud, there’s a movie experience that could inspire more friendliness with your body. You may have already seen the viral trailer for the new documentary, Embrace. Or, like me, played said trailer multiple times, and it gave you goosebumps! Embrace explores the pain of body hate and the joy of judging your body less and LIVING in it more. The director, who I had a quick Skype chat with recently, is warm, sincere, and very funny, so I know this film is going to be wonderful! I’m volunteering to bring Embrace to Chapel Hill for one night only, on October 20 at 7:30pm. I’d love for you to join me!

Tickets are available online only and must be reserved in advance at this link.

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If you’re outside of Chapel Hill and want to see the film, check out the Embrace website to find a local screening or volunteer to host your own. Tickets to U.S. screenings are available online only, and each theater has a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved in advance for the screening to go forward. It helps to reserve your tickets soon and spread the word widely! If you come to a screening, consider sticking around after if there’s a Q&A. The best part about seeing Embrace in the theater is connecting with other people who want to be in their bodies in a more caring way. You may find a community that can help you build a new word for your body!

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