Steadying yourself when your heart is hurting

No matter what side you’re on, the U.S feels more divided than ever, doesn’t it? The people you love most may be divided, too. When people are at odds with each other, it’s natural to feel anger, concern, fear, or grief. Yet here you are, big-hearted soul. And you are still breathing. Take a moment to place a hand over your heart or your belly, directly onto your skin if you can. Feel the warmth radiating from your palm and fingers onto your chest or the softness of your stomach. Feel your breath flow into and around your hand. Repeat to yourself with the voice you’d use to comfort a friend or a child feeling the way you are right now: “This is a moment of stress. Others feel it, too. I will care for myself through this stress.” You are strong and you can be steady in yourself through chaos. Remember that you don’t need to wait until the world feels like more than you can handle. You deserve your care and compassion when things are ok, too. So please give yourself the care you need now, whether it’s an early night, a glass of water, sunlight, taking something heavy off of your To Do list, allowing yourself to feel however you're feeling, reflecting with a friend, or all of the above. Let your breath remind you of your strength and capacity for compassion. You are not alone. We’ll breathe and move forward together.

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