Want some relaxing yoga homework?

Something I often hear from clients after private yoga lessons is, “I wish I could do this right before bed. I would sleep so well!” That’s where one of the best parts of private yoga comes in: the personalized “homework” between sessions. Yoga homework can be poses, breathing practices, meditations, and/or relaxation exercises that feel manageable for your schedule and intentional for your needs. Sometimes that’s a few poses you can do in the office or a brief meditation practice while the coffee brews. Other times it’s a full sequence or a bedtime mindfulness ritual. Like self care coaching homework, yoga homework is where a lot of the progress and self trust building happens! For those who want to slow down before bed and practice being in their body, instead of fixing or judging it, this video I made with my friend Jen Snider at Grow Well is great homework. This is a gentle, 11-minute, progressive muscle relaxation practice that you can do lying down, even in bed. There’s no movement involved beyond tensing muscles and then relaxing them.

Private yoga is powerful because it's tailored to YOU, your interests, and your schedule. I work with awesome students of all ages, sizes, and abilities. My specialty is helping you criticize your body less and trust yourself more. I teach regularly in the NC Triangle and over Skype. I'm also offering an extra 15 minutes to all private and semi-private lessons purchased in December - we could all use more nurturing in the winter months! If you think private lessons might be a good fit or you’d like a gift certificate for someone else, you can learn more here. No matter what, I hope you get some rest and deep relaxation tonight.

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