Are you taking self care advice from a bully?

Do you ever hear a term so many times that it starts to lose its meaning? “Self care” can be one of those terms. It’s so ever-present that it’s easy to overlook a key part: care. We don’t always extend the care we give others to ourselves. We listen to our friends’ worries, affirm their feelings, and remind them that we’ve got their backs no matter what. Even though we scold the dog for peeing on the rug, we later remind him, “Awww, you’re such a good boy!” When kids make mistakes, we reassure them that tripping up is just part of being human. They are still loved, unconditionally. That level of compassion and care feels second nature when we’re offering it to someone else, right? So where does our capacity for care go when we’re the ones struggling? In the video below, I talk about putting the care back into self care. You may find it particularly helpful if you’ve reached a challenging stage of change, whether it’s shifting a habit like drinking more water, meditating, calling your representatives, or increasing your body gratitude.

Are you taking self care advice from a bully?

Have you been getting all of your advice on self “care” from your inner critic? Let me know in the comments!

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