Join me for the Spring Self Care Day Retreat!

I’m writing you this letter from my front step. It's an unusually warm February day and I'm wondering how I’d like to spend the rest of my afternoon, after I hit send. It’s my birthday, and I’m stepping out of work early and taking tomorrow off to enjoy the sunshine and be quiet with myself. Maybe I’ll roll out my yoga mat on the lawn. Or I might curl up on the couch with my journal and a cup of tea. Or just sit outside and daydream. These are not the kind of things that will feel good today and be forgotten tomorrow. When I give myself time to really let go, unwind, and be with myself, the peacefulness lingers. Tomorrow I’ll feel rested, more creative, and more resilient.

If you’ve used the free self care planning guide you receive when you subscribe to my emails, you probably recognize this means, for me, that those quiet mini-retreats tick all 3 boxes: simple pleasures, lasting effects, and fireworks!

The Self Care Day Retreats I lead feel a lot like what my afternoon holds in store for me. Gentle, flexible, and peaceful. Each guided experience, from outdoor yoga, to visualization, to journaling is built around feeling rested and present. Weather permitting, we soak up the sunlight and spend time under the trees at the camp.

The retreat also leaves some “choose your own adventure” space in the afternoon for you to select from a map of suggested practices, be guided in meditation, or go off on your own. If you want to get to know others at the retreat, that’s welcome. If you want solo time to look inward, that’s welcome, too.

At the end of October's retreat, a few retreat participants asked when the next retreat would be. A year seems like too long to wait, so I'd love for you to join me for the Spring Self Care Day Retreat!

Self Care Day Retreat

Sunday, May 7 from 10:30am-4pm New Hope Camp in Chapel Hill Lunch and tea are provided. $115 until March 27 / $130 after Save your spot

If you can't make it to the day retreat, I encourage you to download your free self care planning guide to carve out a few minutes for a mini-retreat. A day retreat is remarkably restorative, but you may be surprised to find that 5 minutes spent nurturing yourself can make a difference, too.

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