Feeling too tired to care anymore?

There was a time when I thought the number one most important thing that anyone needed to know about self care was how to get a good night's sleep. Later, I thought it might be exercise or stress management or deep breathing. I still think those things are important, but they are just things that you do to take care of yourself. Compassion is the actual foundation of self care. Once you can be compassionate with yourself through the full spectrum of your emotions, actions to care for yourself follow more easily. Self compassion can also be a really hard thing to practice because it asks that we really listen to what we feel and what we need. It's tough to hear our own pain sometimes. Not only because of the pain itself, but also because we might get a zap of guilt for thinking of our suffering when others are suffering, too. But if we aren't able to tend to our own pain, we'll eventually run out of energy and tenderness to bring compassion to others. We just get too tired and overwhelmed to care anymore. Maybe that’s how you feel right now or you’re on that path. It doesn’t mean that you’re a rotten person! It just means that you’re in dire need of emotional self care.

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Being present with yourself, in all of your humanity, can deepen your understanding and compassion for other people. It can also bring you guidance for how to comfort and care for yourself. How would you care for a friend who was feeling what you're feeling right now?

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