Join me for the Body Peace Retreat!

Do you wonder what it would be like to feel more comfortable and at home in your own skin?

If judging yourself has gotten in the way of trying new things, practicing yoga, or enjoying other parts of life, join me for the Body Peace Retreat on Saturday, September 30! We’ll dedicate the day to trusting and embracing your body, just as you are, through yoga and self care. The retreat will include these guided practices: Beginner-friendly, body positive yoga. You’ll have the support and freedom to move at your pace and explore movement based on how it feels rather than how it looks. Journaling to calm down the inner critic and make room for compassion. Mindful eating with all of your senses, so tea, lunch, and dessert (all included) taste extra delicious. Deep relaxation to thank your body for all that it does.

Like the past few Self Care Day Retreats, the daylong Body Peace Retreat will be at New Hope Camp in Chapel Hill. It’s my favorite retreat spot because of the labyrinth, the pond, and the woods. You’ll have free time to explore the camp or take that time to relax and reflect in our rustic lodge set back in the trees.

Here are the details:

Click here to register at the early bird price of $115 by August 25.

You’ll find more information about the day on that page, including answers to questions like: I’m an introvert and I can get tired in group situations. What should I expect? Why body peace? Why not body love? If you feel like you’ve been fighting with your body for a long time, this retreat will help you draw a truce. If you and your body are already on pretty good terms, this retreat will help you feel extra present and relaxed. It’s going to be a great day. This retreat has been in the works for a long time and I'd love for you to join me!

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