Some reassurance to soothe your self care guilt

It’s ok to waver in your self care. Even if you know what a difference it makes and you're struggling without it. Even if you’ve learned your lesson about going to bed on time many times over and you’ve slipped back into old patterns of putting it off. Even if you’ve worked to have a friendlier relationship with your body and today you’re really vulnerable and only feel negative thoughts. Even if you spent months getting into the habit of getting yourself to a weekly yoga class and you’ve now skipped so many classes you’re not sure where you even left your mat. Is it in your car? Did you leave it at the studio? Your cubicle? Even if you have tried your hardest to say ‘no’ to too many social engagements but you’ve gradually lapsed into overcommitment mode and are now faced with a September booked to the gills. Your circumstances in this messy life are constantly changing. It’s ok that the ways you take care of yourself reflect how human you are.

It’s the times that we need to take care of ourselves the most that it becomes hardest, right? When you’re grieving, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, stressed, or tied up in knots, and the only care you can seem to give yourself is in the abstract, you don't have to make it harder by adding shame to the mix. Instead of giving yourself a hard time for getting wobbly in your resolve, remember that there aren't any medals to win in the Self Care Olympics! There are no deductions for being imperfect and vulnerable. Wavering isn’t failing. It's just being a person. Take a breath and try again when you're ready. You’re still worthy of compassion and care, even when you lose sight of it for a while.

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