If self care is hard for you, you aren't alone

Something I hear a lot is "I know _____ (exercise, taking my medication, eating breakfast, going to bed on time, etc.) is such a small and easy thing. Everyone else is able to do it, but for some reason I just can't get my act together."

I just wanted to send you a reminder today that 1) sometimes the "easy" stuff is actually really hard and takes a lot of energy and 2) you aren't alone if you feel that way.

We don't like to look at the shadow side of the self care movement as much as the shiny, Instagrammable side of it. As awesome as it is that we talk about tending to our wellbeing a lot more these days, there's some added pressure there, right? Sometimes your inner critic, if it's feeling particularly energetic, might tell you that self care is one more place where you can't measure up. But the way you tend to your needs doesn't have to keep up with anyone else's.

Be kind to yourself. You aren't deficient and you aren't alone.

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