One question to soften panic and find compassion

As 2017 seems to rush to an end, I'm steadying myself in an intention that feels grounding when it seems like time is flying. (Because wow, wasn't it just Halloween?) This intention is also a solid first step to offering myself compassion when things get heavy and I'm teetering on the edge of overwhelmed. It's really simple. Take a breath and ask, "What am I willing to notice?" This question isn't meant to withdraw us from participating in the world, but to engage a little less reactively and automatically. Pausing and asking yourself this question with genuine curiosity gives you an entryway to self compassion if you feel panicky, exhausted, or overwhelmed. (It may be helpful to remember that self kindness paves the way for more sustainable compassion for others, too, in both intention and action.) Pausing and noticing could also uncover unexpected loveliness in the moment that you might otherwise overlook. Even tiny steps to get back to yourself in the present moment, no matter how the present moment is, can help when you feel frozen in place. Watch the video for more!

This video has closed captions. In January, so will all of my YouTube videos, and eventually Facebook videos, too, once I figure out how! It's long overdue.

Thank you for being with me this year. I'm grateful to each and every one of you and I'm excited to share lots of yoga, self care, and body image offerings with you in the new year, virtually and in-person!

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