Unglamorous self care: no face masks needed!

Have you ever done a social media search for the term "self care?" The search results tend to be dominated by fancy bath products, essential oils, and beautifully photographed meals. To a passerby, it might look like self care is pretty luxurious. I'm not saying that face masks and $8 smoothies aren't good ways to nurture yourself. They can be pretty great even if the effects wear off in a couple of hours. However, the self care that has the biggest impact on our daily lives isn't usually something you can capture in a pretty photo. Meaningful self care is often ordinary or even a bit tedious. It's refilling your prescription before you're on your last pill. It's asking your aunt to keep her critique of your parenting style to herself. It's gathering the courage to ask your boss for a raise or a few more sick days. It's cleaning your humidifier so you can breathe better at night. It's scheduling some time to visit with a dear friend you've missed. It's declining being weighed or discussing weight loss at the doctor's office. It's washing your hair. It's taking a couple of deep breaths before you start the car so you can stay calm in rush hour traffic. It's setting a boundary and reminding yourself that you don't need to feel guilty, because you are worthy of wellbeing and happiness like anyone else. There's a lot of meaning and impact in ordinary, no-frills self care. All that matters is you show up with care for your wellbeing. What unglamorous self care are you practicing this week?

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